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 Journaling Blocks - Accessory Blocks - Banners - Box Signs - Framed Planks - Home Kit  - 

Slat Signs - Welcome Kit - 8x25 MDF Boards 



Version # 1 - Top - Burnt Umber. Top Overlay - Burnt Umber, paper. Bottom – Sea Foam, paper.

Version # 2 - Top - Trail Tan, Top Overlay - Trail Tan, paper; Bottom – Barn Red, paper.


4 –Midnight Blue, paper; t, h – Tompte, paper; Block – Light Ivory, paper

4th of July Scene

Boy - Face, Arms, Legs – Fleshtone, Blush on cheek - Hydrangea, Hair - Spice Brown, Shoes – White, Shirt– Tompte, Shirt Overlay- Tompte, paper. Arm Overlay - paint sleeve Tompte, paper, Arm - Fleshtone. Hat and Hat Overlay- White. Shorts- Midnight Blue, paper. Dog: Tip of tail and ear Black, paper, Body and face – White, Nose - Black. Cut out spots with paper and apply. Wagon – Tompte, Wheels and Coins - Black. Overlay - White. Apply vinyl star.

Optional Block – Midnight Blue, apply vinyl


2 and 4 – Straw, paper; t and h - White, paper; Block – North Sea, paper

*Acorn (Chunky) in White Welcome

Top- Sea Foam, paper. Bottom - White, paper

*Acorn (Chunky) In Light Ivory Welcome

Top - Burnt Umber, paper; Bottom – Barn Red, paper

Acorn - Chunky

Stain entire with MinWax Provincial Stain, wipe off excess. Let dry at least six hours. Paint the front of the bottom section Straw, Barn Red or Sea Foam.

Acorn - Door Hang

Spice Brown, paper

*Acorn - Home Kit

Advent Block Set

Blocks - Tompte, apply Vinyl, Base and Candlestick - MinWax Provincial Stain

Advent Tree DISC

Stand – Mendocino, paper; Branches – Seminole Green, paper; Trunk – Seminole Green, Star – Crocus, paper

Anchor on optional block

Sea Foam; Optional Block – Quaker Grey, apply vinyl

Apple Chunky

Green Version

Apple - Leaf Green, paper, Stem & Leaf - Apple Green

Apple Chunky in Ivory Welcome Letter Set

Apple - Barn Red, paper; Stem – Burnt Umber; Leaf – Seminole Green

Apple Chunky in White Welcome Letter Set

Version #1 - Tompte, paper, Stem & Leaf - Leaf Green

Version #2 - Barn Red, paper, Stem & Leaf - Leaf Green

Apple – Home Kit

Version #1 – Tompte, paper, Leaf and Stem – Leaf Green

Version #2 – Barn Red, Leaf and Stem – Leaf Green, sand edges

Apple on Block with Vinyl (For Teacher)

Apple – Tompte, paper; Leaf – Apple Green, paper; Stem – Spice Brown

Optional Block – Paint front of block Apple Green. Let dry. Apply vinyl. Top coat over vinyl with Apple Green. Paint entire block White, remove vinyl.

Apples – Accessory Block Trio (3 Apples on 2 ½ Blocks)

1st apple - Apple - Barn Red, Leaf Green, Block - Barn Red, paper. 2nd Apple - Apple is Apple Green Leaf is Leaf Green, Block - Leaf Green, paper. 3rd Apple - Straw, Leaf Green, Block is Straw, paper

Apple Trio

Large and Fat – Apple Green paper; Medium and Tall – Mendocino, paper

Small with Bite – Tompte, paper; All stems are Spice Brown


Version #1 - Arch – Georgia Clay, paper; Optional Block – Midnight Blue apply vinyl

Version #2(No Block) – MinWax Provincial Stain, wipe off excess, let dry. Paint front only - Terra Cotta. Sand lightly on front

Arrow – Chunky Arrow with Optional Overlay

Valentine Version - MinWax Provincial Stain, wipe off excess; Overlay – Charcoal

1st Home and Family Version – Deep Sea Coral

2nd Home and Family Version – Quaker Grey; Overlay - Crocus

3rd Home and Family Version – Sea Foam; Overlay – North Sea

Arrow on Base and Dowel

Beach– Paint front Caribbean Blue, let dry. Apply vinyl. Top coat over vinyl with Caribbean Blue to prevent bleeding. Paint entire arrow Denim Blue, remove vinyl. Base and Dowel – Denim Blue

Corn Maze – Straw, paper, apply vinyl. Base & Dowel – Light Ivory

Hay Rides - Paint front only Light Ivory, apply vinyl. Top coat with Light Ivory to prevent bleeding. Paint entire arrow Barn Red, sand front and edges. Stain with

MinWax Provincial stain; wipe off excess, let dry 8 hours. Remove vinyl. Base and Dowel – Light Ivory, sand edges.

Lake - Paint front Denim Blue, let dry. Apply vinyl. Top coat over vinyl with Denim Blue to prevent bleeding. Paint entire arrow White, remove vinyl. 

Base and Dowel – White

Parade - Arrow – Midnight Blue, apply vinyl. Dowel - White, let dry. Use 1" masking tape to make stripes one inch apart. Paint white over tape to prevent bleeding, let dry. Paint entire dowel Tompte, remove tape. Base - White

Pool - Paint front Custard, let dry. Apply vinyl. Top coat over vinyl with Custard to prevent bleeding. Paint entire arrow Caribbean Blue, remove vinyl.

Base and Dowel – Caribbean Blue

Pumpkin Patch - Terra Cotta, paper. Base & Dowel - Burnt Umber

Trail Paint front White, let dry. Apply vinyl. Top coat over vinyl with White to prevent bleeding. Paint entire arrow Midnight Blue, sand. Stain with MinWax Provincial Stain, remove vinyl. Base and Dowel – Midnight Blue, MinWax Provincial Stain