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The Wood Connection Color Book 8x25 MDF Boards

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Slat Signs - Welcome Kit - 8x25 MDF Boards

8 X 25 Board As for Me and My House . . .

Front of board only – Midnight Blue, let dry. Apply vinyl. Top coat over vinyl with Midnight Blue to prevent bleeding. Paint 2 – 3 Coats of White over entire board, Remove vinyl.

* 8 X 25 Board

Bunny Trail vinyl

With damp brush paint board Burnt Umber. Let dry, apply vinyl. Top coat board with White, remove vinyl. Top coat with Min Wax Provincial stain

* 8 X 25 Board

Fa La La vinyl

Tompte, apply vinyl

* 8 X 25 Board

Fresh Flowers vinyl

Paint board White, apply vinyl stencil. Top coat over stencil opening White to prevent bleeding. Top coat over stencil opening Black, remove vinyl.

8 X 25 Board

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade vinyl

Paint entire board Caribbean. Apply stencil vinyl. Paint Caribbean over vinyl to prevent bleeding. Paint Lemonade and Lemons Crocus. Paint leaves Apple Green. Let dry. Remove vinyl. Apply lemon vinyl over lemons. Apply fresh squeezed and 5 cents vinyl in top and bottom corners.

8 X 25 Board

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Paint area under shamrocks Leaf Green. Paint area under words White. Let dry. Apply vinyl and paint over Shamrock vinyl Leaf Green and over word vinyl White to prevent bleeding. Let dry. Paint entire board with 2 – 3 coats of Kelly Green. Let dry. Remove vinyl. You can see a tutorial for this process at

8 X 25 Board

I You vinyl

Charcoal Grey, apply vinyl. Apply one more coat of Charcoal Grey to prevent bleeding. Paint entire board Hydrangea, remove vinyl, sand

8 X 25 Board

PS I Love You vinyl

White, apply vinyl. Top coat with one coat of White to prevent bleeding. Paint entire board Charcoal Grey

* 8 X 25 Board Grateful, Thankful, Blessed vinyl

Paint board Light Ivory, dry. Apply vinyl. Paint area over vinyl Light Ivory to prevent bleeding. Top coat with Charcoal Grey, peel vinyl

* 8 X 25 Board Halloween and Witch Vinyl

Paint board Black, dry. Apply witch and Halloween vinyl. Paint Light Ivory over witch vinyl, dry. Apply moon vinyl over witch vinyl. Paint entire board Terra Cotta. Peel vinyl, lightly sand board

* 8 X 25 Board

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Midnight Blue, apply vinyl

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