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The Wood Connection Color Book Accessory Blocks

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Slat Signs - Welcome Kit - 8x25 MDF Boards

 2 ½” blocks

With seasonal accessories or vinyl

Blocks – 2 ½” blocks

With seasonal accessories or vinyl

Christmas - Tree – Leaf Green, Limeade Metallic glitter,Block - Leaf Green, paper; Star – White, White glitter,Block – White, paper; Ornament – Tompte, Top Part of Ornament – Metallic Silver, Aluminum glitter; Block – Tompte, paper

Easter Bunny – Think Pink, paper; Carrot – OJ, paper, Carrot Top – Apple Green;

Egg – White, paper All Easter Blocks are White, paper

Fall Pumpkin – OJ, Spice Brown, paper, Block – Straw, paper; Acorn – Top is Burnt Umber, Bottom is Barn Red, paper, Block – Barn Red, paper; Leaf – Sea Foam, paper, Block – Sea Foam, paper

HalloweenGhost –White, Lily White Glitter; Moon Terra Cotta Metallic Tangerine Glitter; Bat – Black, Beetle Black glitter; All blocks – Black, paper

School Apple – Barn Red, Stem – Spice Brown, Leaf – Kelly Green, Block – White;

Chalkboard – Charcoal Grey, paper, Block – Crocus; Pencil – Crocus, paper, Tip – Black, Fleshtone, Eraser – Quaker Grey, paper, Coral, Block - Tompte

SpringBird - Sea Foam, Block- White, paper; Daisy - White, Block- White, paper; Tulip – Think Pink, Block – White, paper.

St. PatrickHorseshoe and Block Light Ivory, paper; Pot of Gold – Bottom of pot is Black, paper. Top of Pot is Metallic Gold, Block – Forrest Green, paper; Shamrock – Kelly Green, paper, Block – Leaf Green, paper

Summer - Cone – Apple Green,Ice Cream – White, topped with Alene’s True Snow, lightly sprinkle White glitter; Block – Apple Green; Sun –Crocus, Lightly sprinkle White glitter, Block – Crocus, paper; Sun Glasses – Denim, Lightly sprinkle White glitter, Block – Paradise, paper

Thanksgiving Corn – Straw, paper, Husk – Avocado, paper; Block is Barn Red;

Hat - Straw, paper. Block is Avocado; Turkey –Burnt Umber, paper. Block is Straw

USA – Star  - Midnight Blue, paper; Block – Tompte; Flag – Midnight Blue, paper; Block Light Ivory; Firework – Light Ivory, paper; Block – Midnight Blue

ValentineHeart – Rooster Red, paper, Block – Rooster Red; Arrow – Charcoal, paper, Block – Think Pink; Envelope – Peony, paper, Block - Peony

Winter – All Winter blocks– Light Ivory, paper; Snowman – White, White glitter, Eyes and Buttons – Sprinkles; Snowflake – Metallic Silver, Metallic Aluminum glitter; Mitten – Tompte, Fire Engine glitter, Cuff – White, Alene’s True Snow.

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