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The Wood Connection Color Book C-D

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 Journaling Blocks - Accessory Blocks - Banners - Box Signs - Framed Planks - Home Kit  - 

Slat Signs - Welcome Kit - 8x25 MDF Boards

Cactus Trio DISC

Version #1 - Large, Medium and Small – Apple Green, paper, Pot – Paradise, paper, Pot Overlay – Paradise

Version #2 - Large – Avocado, paper, Pot and Overlay - Terra Cotta, Medium – Sea Foam, paper; Pot and Overlay - Terra Cotta , Small – Straw, paper; Pot and OverlayTerra Cotta

Cake – Home Kit

Cake – White, paper; Candle – Pop Pink; Flame – Crocus; Frosting – Think Pink, paper


Version #1 – Camera – Charcoal, paper; Large Circle – White; Small Circle – Charcoal; Heart – Coral; Optional Block - Coral

Version #2 -  Camera – Midnight Blue, paper; Large Circle – White; Small Circle –  Midnight Blue; Heart – Mendocino; Optional Block - White

Camping Scene

Tree – Avocado, paper; Tent – Midnight Blue, paper; Tent Door Overlay – Quaker Grey, paper; Flames – OJ; Logs and Overlay – Spice Brown, overlay has paper;

Moon – Crocus, paper; Optional Block – Trail Tan, apply vinyl

Cap – Graduation Cap

Version #1 - Black, paper

Version #2 -  Midnight Blue, paper

For Tassel - Cut 3 6" lengths of twine and knot with a small loop in the middle. Thread remaining piece of twine through loop and glue to cap with loose ends at center. Cover loose ends with large black sprinkle.

Cat – Home Kit

Black, paper; Nose – Quaker Grey

Chunky Candy Corn

Version #1 - White, White glitter; OJ, Tangerine glitter, Crocus, Bumblebee Glitter

Version #2 – White, paper

In Welcome letter set - Crocus, paper

Candy Corn In White and Light ivory Welcome

Crocus, paper

Carrot Patch

Carrot Bottom – OJ, paper; Top – Leaf Green; Bunny – White; Sign – Paradise, apply vinyl; Board – Spice Brown, apply vinyl

Carrot Trio

Version # 1 - Large and Small – OJ; Medium – Orange Pop; Tops – Leaf Green

Version #2 -  Same as version #1 but top coat with MinWax Provincial Stain, wipe off excess

Cat – Halloween  Cat

 Black, paper; Nose - Black

*Cat – Valentine Critter

Body – Light Ivory, paper; Overlay – Hippo Grey, paper; Nose – Hydrangea

*Cauldron Chunky

Welcome Letter Set White Version -  Bottom – Black, Top – Pansy, Metallic Lilac Glitter

Welcome letter set Light Ivory Version -  Bottom – Black, Top – Leaf Green

With Witch – Bottom – Black;  Top – Leaf Green, paper

Chick - Home Kit

Version #1 Crocus, paper; Beak – OJ;

Version #2 - Crocus, paper; Beak – Orange pop, paper

Christmas Cottage

House – Leaf Green, paper; Roof and Chimney Hippo Grey, paper, embellish with Alene’s True Snow; Door and Candy Cane Overlay –  Tomato Spice, paper;

Optional Block – Paint front of block Tomato Spice, apply vinyl. Paint Tomato Spice on front of block to prevent bleeding. Paint entire block White, remove vinyl.

Christmas Scene

Tree – Leaf Green, paper; Star – Base coat White, then top coat with Metallic Silver; Large Present – Tomato Spice, paper, Overlay – White; Medium Present – White, paper, Overlay – Tomato Spice; Small Present – Apple Green, paper, Overlay - Tomato Spice; Optional Block – White, apply vinyl

*Christmas Trio

Mrs. Claus–Tompte, Quaker Grey, White, Black, Face and Hands – Fleshtone. Hair & Hat Overlay – Tompte, Quaker Grey, paper, Brim – White, Dress Overlay – Tompte, paper, Apron Overlay - Leaf Green, paper, Shoe Overlay – Black

Rudolph – Light Ivory, Trail Tan, Black, Ear and Muzzle Overlay – Trail Tan, paper, Nose – Tompte, Harness Overlay – Tompte, paper, Hoof Overlay – Black

Santa Claus – Tompte, White, Fleshtone, Leaf Green, Black, Hat, Beard, Belly Overlay – Tompte, paper, True Snow, Brim and Poof – White, Feet Overlay - Black

Optional Block – White, apply vinyl

Circle – Plank Circle With Greenery Overlay 

 Be Still Vinyl Version – Paint front only of plank circle White, apply vinyl. Top coat over vinyl with White to prevent bleeding, let dry. Top coat entire circle Quaker Grey, sand. Remove vinyl. Greenery Overlay – Leaf Green, glue onto circle
Circle – Plank Circle With Floral Overlay  Circle – Black, apply vinyl. Top coat Black over vinyl to prevent bleeding. Top coat White, peel vinyl, sand. Top coat with MinWax Classic Grey stain.

Floral Overlay – Leaves – Apple Green, 1st flower - Deep Sea Coral, 2nd Flower - Paradise, 3rd Flower - Hydrangea, Centers – Custard. Sand all pieces and top coat all with MinWax Classic Grey stain.

Circle – Plank Circle Love with Arrows Vinyl

 Version #1– Apply vinyl to bare wood. Paint white, peel vinyl. Sand, stain with MinWax Provincial stain

Version #2 – Quaker Grey, apply vinyl. Letters - Think Pink, Arrows - White. Peel vinyl

Circle – Plank Circle Lucky as Can Be Vinyl

 Forest Green, sand lightly, apply vinyl. Paint over vinyl with Forest Green to prevent bleeding. Top coat circle with White, remove vinyl.

Circle – Plank Circle Vinyl Star

 Circle – MinWax Provincial Stain, wipe off excess. Let dry 24 hours before applying vinyl. Paint inside star stencil Tompte, lightly sand star, remove vinyl.
Compass Charcoal Grey, paper, apply vinyl 
*Covered Wagon

Wagon – White, paper; Overlay – Straw; Wheels - Charcoal

Block – Sea Foam, apply vinyl 

Crayon Royal Fuchsia 
Creamsicle Door Hang Pop Orange, paper; Bite – White Handle – Trail Tan 
Crow Trio  DISC Black, paper; Beaks – Straw, paper
CrowIn White and Light Ivory Welcome Black, paper; Beak – Straw, paper
Cupcake in White Welcome Cake – Tahiti Blue, paper; Frosting – Caribbean Blue, topcoat front only with Caribbean Blue mixed with Alene’s True Snow, sprinkle with White Glitter
Cupcake in Light Ivory Welcome Cake – Pop Pink, paper; Frosting – Think Pink, top coat front only with Think Pink mixed with Alene’s True Snow, sprinkle with White glitter
Daisy in White Welcome White, paper, Center – Crocus, paper
Daisy in Light Ivory Welcome Custard, Center – Light Ivory
*Daisy – Chunky

Version #1 Set of Three - Paint two Daisies – Crocus, paper, Centers – White.

Paint one Daisy White, – Crocus, Paradise, Think Pink, OJ, GP Purple;

Centers – White. With ballpoint pen dot three dots same color as flower in Center

Version #2 – White, Center – Custard, Sand, Stain with MinWax Provincial Stain
*Flower for Base and Dowel – Large Daisy  

Spring Version - Crocus, paper, Center – White; Stem and Base – Leaf Green

Summer Version – Caribbean Blue, Center –  Crocus ; Stem and Base – Leaf Green
*Flower for Base and Dowel – Small Daisy

Sea Foam, paper, Center – Think Pink

Stem and Base – Leaf Green
Daffodil - Home Kit

Version #1 - White, paper, Center - Crocus, paper, Leaves - Leaf Green, paper

Version #2 - Crocus, paper, Center - OJ, Leaves - Apple Green, paper 
*Dog Valentine Critter   Body – Light Ivory, paper; Ears and Feet Overlay – Burnt Umber, paper; Snout Overlay – Light Ivory, Draw black dots with Sharpie pen; Nose - Hydrangea; Dog Tag – Quaker Grey
*Dracula from Halloween Trio Fleshtone, Hair, Body Overlay and Hair Overlay – Black, Mouth – Black, White, Eyes – White, Cape – Bittersweet Orange




Woodland Trio

Bear and Paws – Territorial Beige; Snout – Spice Brown, paper; Paw Pads – Mix Alene’s True Snow with Burnt umber to paint details on paws


Easter Bunny Critter

Body – Trail Tan, paper, Face Overlay – White, Nose – Think Pink, Tummy Overlay – Think Pink, paper, Feet Overlay – Trail Tan, Pads - Alene’s True Snow mixed with White paint; Optional Block – Think Pink, apply vinyl


Valentine Critter

Body – Light Ivory, paper; Overlay – Hippo Grey, paper; Nose – Hydrangea


Easter Chick Critter

Body – Crocus, paper, Beak – OJ, Wing Overlay – Crocus, paper, Egg – White, paper; Optional Block – Think Pink, apply vinyl


Valentine Critter

Body – Light Ivory, paper; Ears and Feet Overlay – Burnt Umber, paper;

Snout Overlay – Light Ivory, Draw black dots with Sharpie pen; Nose - Hydrangea;

Dog Tag – Quaker Grey


Fall Critter

Georgia Clay, paper; Ears and Face Overlay – Light Ivory, paper; Nose – Black; Tail – paper; Feet -  Georgia Clay; Paw Pads - Georgia Clay mixed with Alene’s True Snow


Fall Critter

Hippo Grey, paper; Overlay – Quaker Grey, paper; Snout – Light Ivory; Nose – Charcoal Grey

*Lamb – Easter Lamb Critter

Lamb– White, paper. (Black paper on feet); Overlay face and ears – White; Wool on head – White, Alene’s True Snow; Optional Block – Think Pink, apply vinyl


Woodland Trio

Spice Brown, paper; Snout, Hooves and Antlers – Burnt Umber, paper;

Nostrils – two dots of Black


Winter Critter

Body – Black, paper, Overlay – Light Ivory, paper, Beak and Feet – Crocus,

Eyes are Black Sprinkles

Polar Bear

Winter Critter

Body – Light Ivory, paper, Face Overlay – Light Ivory, Nose – Black, Paws – Light Ivory, True Snow mixed with Black paint, Eyes – Black Sprinkles


Woodland Trio

Raccoon and Paws – Quaker Grey, paper on Raccoon. Mask – Hippo Grey, paper;

Eyes – Charcoal Grey; Nose – Black; Paw details – Mix Alene’s True Snow with Hippo Grey to paint details


Winter Critter

Body – Quaker Grey, paper, Face and Belly Overlay – Light Ivory,

Flipper Overlay – Hippo Grey, paper, Eyes – Black Sprinkles


Fall Critter

Trail Tan, Burnt Umber, paper; Face Overlay – Light Ivory, paper; Nose – Burnt Umber; Feet – Trail Tan; Paw Pads – Mix Burnt Umber with Alene’s True Snow

Teddy Bear

Valentine Critter

Body – Light Ivory, paper; Overlays –  Quaker Grey, paper; Nose – Hydrangea

Version # 2 -  Body – Trail Tan, paper; Overlays – Spice Brown, paper; Nose – Tompte

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