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Slat Signs - Welcome Kit - 8x25 MDF Boards



Quilt Square Kit4th of July Version

Quilt Square Kit – Tompte, Midnight Blue, paper, Box Frame – MinWax Provincial stain, paper on raw wood in center of box.

Quilt Square KitFall Version

Quilt Square Kit – Sea Foam, Straw, Avocado, Terra Cotta, sand.

Box Frame -  MinWax Provincial Stain, Light Ivory in center of box



Raccoon and Paws – Quaker Grey, paper on Raccoon. Mask – Hippo Grey, paper;

Eyes – Charcoal Grey; Nose – Black; Paw details – Mix Alene’s True Snow with Hippo Grey to paint details

Reindeer – Home Kit

Burnt Umber; Antlers – Kelly Green; Nose – Tompte Red. All items have paper

Reindeer on base and dowel

Territorial Beige, sand edges

Reindeer Names Board

Bottom 2 ½” of the board (where the Rudolph vinyl will go) - Tompte

Remainder of Board – Metallic Gold; Apply vinyl except for the O in Rudolph; Set aside the O to use later. Paint the entire board White. Remove vinyl. Paint the vinyl O in Rudolph Tompte. Top with Fire Engine glitter. Place the vinyl O on the board.

Reindeer Trio DISC

Burnt Umber, paper; Nose – Tompte or Charcoal; Optional Block – Light Ivory, apply vinyl

Reindeer Place Card Holder DISC

Spice Brown, Territorial Beige or Burnt Umber; Nose – Tompte

Reindeer from Home Kit (NOT Displayed with Home Kit)

Face - Spice Brown, Antlers - Tompte, Antler Overlay - Tompte, paper. Nose - Trail Tan, paper

*Ribbon Banner (for wreath)

Easter Version – White, apply vinyl, top coat vinyl with White to prevent bleeding. Top coat banner Hydrangea, remove vinyl


Barn Red, sand

*Rudolph Block Kit

Rudolph -Antlers – Forest Green, paper, Nose – Tompte;  Block – Burnt Umber

*Rudolph from Christmas Trio

Body - Burnt Umber, paper, Antlers - Territorial Beige, Ears and Snout Overlay - Spice Brown, Nose – Tompte, Harness Overlay – Tompte, paper, Hoof Overlay – Black


MinWax Provincial Stain. Wipe off excess, allow 24 hours for stain to dry before applying vinyl