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The Wood Connection Color Book Slat Signs

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Slat Signs - Welcome Kit - 8x25 MDF Boards

Large Slat Signs

Slat Sign

Large Slat Sign

Anchor Overlay - Base coat sign White. Let dry. Paint 2nd and 4th slats Coral. Anchor Overlay – Midnight Blue, paper

Apple – Barn Red, paper; Slat Sign – Barn Red

Bunny Overlay - White, paper;Slat Sign – Crocus

*Christmas Tree on Vertical Board with Merry Christmas vinyl - Tree and Trunk - Seminole, paper; Star – Light Ivory, paper; Slat sign – Light Ivory with topcoat of MinWax Provincial stain, wipe off excess

Deer Silhouette – Tompte, paper; Slat sign – Tompte

Glory to the Newborn King – Two coats of slat sign Metallic Gold. Let dry. Place vinyl on slat sign.

Happy Easter with Egg Overlay* - Paint bottom and top slats Think Pink, let dry; Place vinyl on slat sign. Paint entire slat sign Light Ivory, let dry. Peel off vinyl. Egg – Hydrangea, paper

Heart – HeartOverlay – Hydrangea, paper; Slat Sign – Quaker Grey

House with Heart Base coat entire slat sign, back and sides Custard, let dry.

Paint 2nd and 4th slats Light Ivory, sand lightly. House – Black, paper; Heart – Tompte

Leaf OverlayLeaf – Avocado, paper; Slat Sign – Avocado

Map Overlay – Light Ivory, paper. Slat Sign - Midnight Blue

Pumpkin Overlay – Terra Cotta, paper. Slat Sign - Black

Relax– Place vinyl on raw wood. Randomly paint the sign North Sea, Sea Foam and White blending the colors. Remove vinyl, top coat sign with MinWax Provincial stain, wipe off excess.

Snowflake Overlay – Sign – Light coat of Hippo Grey, sand front and edges. Top coat with MinWax Classic Grey stain, wipe off excess. Snowflake – Light Ivory, paper

Star Overlay – Slat Sign Stripes - 3 are Tompte, 2 are White; Star – Midnight Blue, paper

Sun Overlay – Rays – Crocus, paper; Center – OJ, paper; Slat Sign - Caribbean Blue. Lightly apply White in desired areas. May need to use fingers to blend.

Layered Tree on Vertical Slat Sign - Tree – Seminole Green, paper; Star – Metallic Gold, Pot of Gold Glitter; Slat Sign – Light Ivory, apply vinyl

Turkey– Light Ivory, paper; Slat Sign – MinWax Provincial

Umbrella – White, paper, Handle – Think Pink; Slat Sign – Sea Foam

 Small Slat Sign
Small Slat Sign  One Nation Under God - Paint front of sign Light Ivory. Apply vinyl. Top coat with Light Ivory to prevent bleeding, let dry. Paint entire slat sign Tompte leaving grooves Ivory. Lightly sand

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