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The Wood Connection Color Book T

 0-A   B   C-D   E-F   G-H   I-J-K  L-M-N   O-P   R   S   T   U-V   W-Z

 Journaling Blocks - Accessory Blocks - Banners - Box Signs - Framed Planks - Home Kit  - 

Slat Signs - Welcome Kit - 8x25 MDF Boards

T-Rex In White Welcome

Midnight Blue


Thanksgiving Version – Quaker Grey, paper; Overlay – White, paper; Block – Paint front of block Midnight Blue, let dry, apply vinyl.   Paint area over vinyl Midnight Blue to prevent bleeding. Paint entire block White, remove vinyl

Home and Family Version – Straw, let dry, Light Ivory; Overlay – Metallic Gold, Pot of Gold glitter; Optional Block – Hippo Grey

Teepee – Home Kit (DISC)

Georgia Clay, paper; Overlay – Light Ivory, paper


Version # 1 - Quaker, Top coat with MinWax Provincial, wipe off excess Block - Tompte

Version # 2 - White, Top coat with MinWax Provincial, wipe off excess  Block - OJ

Temple In White Welcome

White, White Glitter

Tennis Ball – Home Kit

Apple Green, apply vinyl

Thanks letter set

T – Sea Foam, H – Dark Goldenrod, A – Mendocino, N – Avocado, K – Straw, S – Terra Cotta; Sand all letters. Top coat with MinWax Provincial Stain.

Pumpkin – Terra Cotta, apply vinyl, paint area over vinyl Terra Cotta to prevent bleeding. top coat with Light Ivory, peel vinyl. Stain with MinWax Provincial stain    

Stem - Avocado

Thanksgiving Scene

Cornucopia – Burnt Umber, paper; Pumpkin – Terra Cotta, paper, Stem – Burnt Umber; Apple – Barn Red paper, Stem – Burnt Umber; Corn – Empire gold, paper, Husk – Avocado, paper; Squash – Empire Gold, paper

Tombstones – Five Tombstone Display

Arch and Cross Tombstones – White; Spire Tombstone – Charcoal Grey;

Basic Tombstone – Hippo Grey; Plaque Tombstone – Quaker Grey; Zombie Hands – Apple Green. Sand all tombstones and hands. Distress tombstones with a hammer. Top coat with MinWax Classic Grey Stain, wipe off excess. WAIT AT LEAST 24 HOURS FOR STAIN TO DRY BEFORE APPLYING VINYL. Optional Block – Black, apply vinyl

Tombstones – Three Tombstone Display

Plaque Tombstone – Hippo Grey; Arch Tombstone – Light Ivory; Cross Tombstone – Terra Cotta. Apply vinyl to all tombstones. Cat – Black; Optional Block – Charcoal Grey, apply vinyl.


Valentine Version – Trailer – White. Trailer Overlay – White, paper.

Window – paper; Tires – Quaker Grey; Optional Block – White, apply vinyl.  Paint area over vinyl White to prevent bleeding. Paint front of block Tompte, peel vinyl

Spring Version – Paint everything except for largest overlay and hubcap White.  Paper inside window. Stain largest overlay and hubcap MinWax Provincial, wipe off excess. Top coat large overlay with White.

Summer Version Trailer and Overlay – White, paper inside window; Door, Tire Overlay Rooster Red, paper; Tires - Quaker; Hubcap and Door Knob – Red Sprinkle;

Optional Block – White

Fall Version Displayed with Truck – Sea Foam, Hitch - Charcoal Grey; Overlay – Sea Foam, paper; Window – Paper; Door - Sea Foam; Tire – Charcoal

Optional Block – Spice Brown, apply vinyl

Fall Version NOT Displayed with Truck – Light Ivory – Hitch and Wheel – Burnt Umber; Overlay – Light Ivory paper; Door Overlay – Light Ivory; Hubcap – Burnt Umber, Metallic Silver, lightly sand; Optional Block – Barn Red, apply vinyl

Tree – Chunky Tree

Version # 1  Trio – Seminole Green

Version # 2  Trio –  Seminole Green, paper

Tree for Mini Post

Kelly Green, paper

Tree In White Welcome

Green Isle, paper

Tree In Light Ivory Welcome

Seminole Green, paper

Trio Trees on cubes

Tree and Trunk – Seminole. Tree is papered. Cube – Charcoal Grey

Tree – Tabletop Tree

Version # 1- Large – Kelly Green; Medium – Leaf Green; Small – Apple Green. Summer Version Trees have MinWax Provincial Stain as a Top Coat. The Winter version is embellished with Alene’s True Snow

Version # 2- Large – Seminole Green; Medium – light Ivory; Small – Sea Foam

MinWax Provincial Stain as a Top Coat.

Truck (Yellow Version)

Truck – Straw; Truck Overlay – Spice Brown, let dry. Top coat Straw, sand to distress; Window – White, top coat Metallic Silver; Wheels – Black; Hubcaps – Black, Metallic Silver; Block under Truck and Trailer – Quaker Grey

Truck – Spring Truck and Trailer Version

Truck and Overlays – Crocus. Wheels & Window – White, Hubcap – MinWax Provincial stain  

Truck – Fall Truck displayed with trailer


Truck – Sea Foam; Overlay – Sea Foam, paper; Window – Quaker Grey; Tires – Charcoal Grey; Hubcaps – Quaker Grey; Pumpkin – Terra Cotta, Spice Brown; Leaf – Territorial Beige; Optional Block – Spice Brown, apply vinyl

Truck – Fall Truck no trailer version DISC

Truck and Fender – Light Ivory; Overlay – Light Ivory, paper; Window – Quaker Grey, Metallic Silver; Tires and Stem – Burnt Umber; Hubcaps – Burnt Umber, Metallic Silver; Pumpkin – Dark Goldenrod; Leaf – Barn Red; Optional Block – Sea Foam, apply vinyl

Truck – Christmas Truck

Truck and Overlay – Tompte, Hub Caps and  Window – Metallic Silver; Tires – Black;

Tree – Seminole Green. Embellish truck and tree with Alene’s True Snow. Block – Front of block Seminole Green, apply vinyl.  Paint area over vinyl Seminole Green to prevent bleeding. Paint entire block Light Ivory, remove vinyl

Truck – Patriotic Version

Truck and Overlay – Tompte; Window – Quaker Grey, top coat with Metallic Silver;

Tires – Black;  Hubcaps – Midnight Blue, top coat with Metallic Silver; Railings – White  

Optional Block – Midnight Blue, apply vinyl

* Tulip

Tulip – Think Pink or Crocus; Stem and Leaves – Leaf Green

*Turkey in 4 x 4 Thanksgiving Block Kits

Turkey Block – Spice Brown, Feathers – Spice Brown, paper, Beak – Straw, paper, Waddle – Barn Red

Turkey in White and Light Ivory Welcome

Turkey – Burnt Umber, paper, Overlay – Burnt Umber, Beak – Straw, Barn Red

Turkey – Home Kit

Body – Spice – Spice; Feathers – Terracotta, Straw, Avocado, Barn Red; Beak – Terracotta, Barn Red.  All items have paper

Turkey - Mini Post

Spice Brown, paper

Turkey - Plump Turkey

Burnt Umber, paper; Beak – Barn Red, Straw; Optional Block – Avocado, apply vinyl

Turkey Dinner in White Welcome

Turkey – Terra Cotta, paper, Drumstick – Terra Cotta, Bone - White, Serving Tray – Avocado, paper; Serving Tray – Avocado, paper

Turkey Dinner in Light Ivory Welcome

Turkey and Drumstick – Dark Goldenrod; Bone - White, Serving Tray – Metallic Silver. Top coat everything with Min Wax Provincial Stain, wipe off excess.

Turkey Door Hang

Body – Burnt Umber; Feathers – Sea Foam, Light Ivory, Barn Red, Terra Cotta, Avocado, Straw. Beak – Straw, Barn Red; Feet Terra Cotta

Turkey Place Card Hold

Body – Burnt Umber; Beak Barn Red, Straw. Feathers Front – Straw, Terra Cotta, Barn Red; Feathers Backs and Sides - Light Ivory. Top coat all pieces with MinWax Provincial stain, wipe off excess

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