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Slat Signs - Welcome Kit - 8x25 MDF Boards



Wagon – Sea Foam; Overlay – Sea Foam , paper; Wheels and Handle – Charcoal; Hubcap – Light Ivory; Small Pumpkin – Light Ivory; Large Pumpkin – Terra Cotta, sand edge; Stems – Burnt Umber; Optional Block –  Terra Cotta, apply vinyl

*Covered Wagon

Wagon – White, paper; Overlay – Straw; Wheels - Charcoal

Block – Sea Foam, apply vinyl

* Walking in a Winter Wonderland vinyl on an 8 X 25 Board

Midnight Blue, apply vinyl

Watermelon – Chunky

(Three on a block)

Rooster Red, paper, Rind – Leaf Green, draw seeds with a sharpie.

Block – Front of block only – Apple Green, apply vinyl. Paint over vinyl with Apple Green to prevent bleeding, let dry. Paint entire block Caribbean Blue, remove vinyl.

Watermelon – Home Kit

Versions #1 and #2 - Watermelon Center and Overlay – Tompte, paper;

Rind – Leaf Green, paper; Seeds – Charcoal

Watermelon In White and Light Ivory Welcome

Rooster Red, paper, Rind - Leaf Green, paper. Seeds – Draw with a Sharpie Pen

Watermelon - Stacking

Rind – Kelly Green; Center – Tompte; Seeds – Black, Black Glitter


Wheelbarrow - Sea Foam, paper,Handles- Quaker Grey, paper,Wheels,Black, paper.Scalloped mound- Apple Green, paper

1st Flower - Think Pink, Center - Deep Sea Coral, 2nd Flower - Crocus,Center - White, 3rd Flower - Paradise Blue, Leaves - Leaf Green

Optional Block – Apple Green, apply vinyl

*Winter Critter Trio

Penguin - Body – Black, paper, Overlay – Light Ivory, paper, Beak and Feet – Crocus,

Eyes are Black Sprinkles

Polar Bear - Body – Light Ivory, paper, Face Overlay – Light Ivory, Nose – Black, Paws – Light Ivory, True Snow mixed with Black paint, Eyes – Black Sprinkles

Seal - Body – Quaker Grey, paper, Face and Belly Overlay – Light Ivory,

Flipper Overlay – Hippo Grey, paper, Eyes – Black Sprinkles

Block – Blue Danube, apply vinyl

Witch with Cauldron

Witch - Dress, Hat and Brim - Black, paper, Dress Overlay - Amethyst, paper, Hair - Terra Cotta, paper, Face - Apple Green, paper.

Cauldron -  Bottom – Black, paper; Top – Amethyst, paper

Optional Block- Apple Green, apply vinyl

Witch Hat Tabletop

Version # 1 - Hat - Black, paper. Brim - Black. Overlay - Amethyst, paper; Star - Terra Cotta, paper

Version # 2 - Hat, Brim, and Overlay - Black, paper; Star - Terra Cotta, paper

Witch Hat Trio on Block

All hats- Black, paper; Block – Light Ivory, apply vinyl

Woodland Animal Trio

Moose - Spice Brown, paper; Nostrils – two dots of Black

Raccoon and Paws – Quaker Grey, paper on Raccoon. Mask – Hippo Grey, paper;

Eyes – Charcoal Grey; Nose – Black; Paw details – Mix Alene’s True Snow with Hippo Grey to paint details

Bear - Territorial Beige, paper; Snout – Spice Brown, paper; Nose – Black; Paw Pads – Territorial Beige, Mix Alene’s True Snow with Spice Brown to paint details on paws. Optional Block – Burnt Umber, apply vinyl