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The Wood Connection Color Book U-V

 0-A   B   C-D   E-F   G-H   I-J-K  L-M-N   O-P   R   S   T   U-V   W-Z

 Journaling Blocks - Accessory Blocks - Banners - Box Signs - Framed Planks - Home Kit  - 

Slat Signs - Welcome Kit - 8x25 MDF Boards

*Beach Umbrellas on Block

Umbrellas Large – Paradise, paper; Medium – Apple Green, paper; Small - Crocus, paper; Dowels – White; Pail – OJ, paper; sand in pail  – Trail Tan, sandpaper;

Beach Ball – White, paper; Sand Castle – Trail Tan, sandpaper; Flag –Red paper:

Block – Train Tan, vinyl. Sandpaper on top

Uncle Sam (on Optional Block)

Face – Fleshtone; Hat and Brim– Tomato Spice, (Hat has paper); Beard and Overlay White; Star – Midnight Blue; Optional Block -  Midnight Blue

Uncle Sam - Home Kit

Version #1 - Face and nose – Fleshtone; Beard – White; Hat – White, apply vinyl. Top coat with White to prevent bleeding. Top coat Midnight Blue; Brim – Tompte and White Stripes. Star – White

Version #2 - Face & Nose - Fleshtone. Beard - White. Hat & Brim - Midnight, paper. Star - Tompte


U, I, E, D – Midnight Blue, paper; N, T – Tompte, paper; Star – White; Block - Tompte

*USA Map Door Hang DISC

Midnight Blue, apply vinyl

USA Letter Set

Version #1 – Midnight Blue, paper

Version #2 – Light Ivory, paper

*1/8’ USA Banner

Paint Two Banners Midnight Blue, apply vinyl stars. Paint 3 banners White; apply stencil vinyl, topcoat with White to prevent bleeding. Paint stripes Tompte, let dry.  Cover stripes with masking tape then paint top of banner Midnight Blue, let dry. Remove tape and vinyl. USA – Light Ivory, Tompte, Midnight Blue

Cursive Utah - DISC

Straw, paper; Block – Light Ivory, apply vinyl.  Paint area over vinyl Light Ivory to prevent bleeding. Top coat with Barn Red, peel vinyl

Utah Letter Set

Version #1 - MinWax Provincial Stain, wipe off excess. Paint front only Midnight Blue

Optional Block – Sea Foam, vinyl

Version #2 – Straw; Optional Block – Sea Foam, vinyl

Version #3 - MinWax Provincial Stain, wipe off excess. Paint front only Straw

Utah Ornament on Optional Block

Version #1 - White, paper; Heart – Straw; Block – Midnight Blue, apply vinyl

Version #2 – MinWax Provincial Stain, wipe off excess. Front of Utah Only – Sea Foam,  Heart – White; Block – MinWax Provincial Stain, wipe off excess, let dry. Front of block only – Sea Foam, apply vinyl, top coat with Sea Foam to prevent bleeding. Top coat front of block White, remove vinyl. Lightly sand.

Utah Overlay for reverse box sign

Light Ivory, paper; Box – MinWax Provincial stain, wipe off excess; Heart - Tompte

Valentine Critters

Cat - Body – Light Ivory, paper; Overlay – Hippo Grey, paper; Nose – Hydrangea

Dog – Body – Light Ivory, paper; Ears and Feet Overlay – Burnt Umber, paper; Snout Overlay – Light Ivory, Draw black dots with Sharpie pen; Nose - Hydrangea; Dog Tag – Quaker Grey

Teddy Bear - Body – Light Ivory, paper; Overlays –  Quaker Grey, paper; Nose – Hydrangea

Optional Block – Hydrangea, apply vinyl

Valentine Scene

Fence – White; Mailbox – Quaker Grey, Overlay – Hippo Grey

Heart and Flag Overlay – Hydrangea; Street Pole – Hippo Grey, Street Sign Arrows  – Sea Foam, Hydrangea, Quaker Grey, apply vinyl; Block – Sea Foam, apply vinyl

Vampire Door Hang

Fleshtone, Shirt – Light Ivory, paper, Hair – Black – Eyes and Mouth – White, Black,

Cape – Black, paper, Star – Crocus, paper

Volleyball – Home Kit

White, apply vinyl. Top coat White over vinyl to prevent bleeding. Two coats of Tompte, Denim or Quaker Grey in its section. Let dry, remove vinyl

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